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View all the official BlossomCraft links here! For more information and support please reach out on our official Discord server for a quick response, link below.

Server Links

Java IP: play.BlossomCraft.org

Bedrock IP: play.BlossomCraft.org Port: 19132

Discord: https://discord.gg/blossomcraft

Shop: https://shop.blossomcraft.org/

Voting Links
You can vote on each site every 24 hours. If you are a bedrock player, make sure type your name as it appears in-game including "BR_".

1. https://minecraftservers.org/vote/599626

2. https://servers-minecraft.net/server-blossomcraft-java-bedrock.1013

3. https://topminecraftservers.org/vote/29453

4. https://minecraftbestservers.com/server-blossomcraft.277/vote

Map Links

Cherry: https://cherry.blossomcraft.org/

Spirit: https://spirit.blossomcraft.org/

Lotus: https://lotus.blossomcraft.org/

Tulip: https://tulip.blossomcraft.org/

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This page details the official BlossomCraft rules. A short form list of the rules is available by running the command "/rules" in-game. Report players on our Discord.

1. Treat others with respect.

  • Do not harass any person on the server.
  • If someone is harassing you, report it and do not harass them back. It is recommended you report or "/ignore" any player you have issues with.
  • If you are ignored or blocked, please respect the other's wishes.
  • Please use the official channels (Management Tickets) in #support on Discord, if you notice a staff member abusing their authority. A warning or ban may be issued for discussing your problems with the personnel in a public place. Disrespect will not be accepted.

2. No griefing ANYWHERE.

  • Includes claimed land, unclaimed land, and revenge griefing.
    • Exception: The Resource World has claims disabled, thus leaving anything unattended means that it is considered abandoned, and any player that comes across it is free to take from it. Make farms, builds, and leave valuables at your own risk in the Resource World.
  • Mass destruction of the map is also considered griefing. You may do any kind of destructive harvesting in the resource world (/wild).
  • No lava casting.

3. Keep communications clean.

  • This includes but is not limited to: No harassment, racism, excessive swearing, excessive sexual content, hate speech, discussing sensitive topics.
  • Sexual content includes but is not limited to: Inappropriate usernames, builds, signage, content, skins, and renamed items.
  • Sensitive topics includes but is not limited to: Self-harm, politics, drug user, abuse.
  • You are free to speak about anything if it stays in private chat and as long as the other party allows it.
  • You are not allowed to /ignore staff members. This is because it makes moderation difficult.

4. No hacking/x-ray/exploiting.

  • Hacks include but are not limited to X-ray, botting, kill aura, fly, free-cam/free-look.
  • Allowed Clients/Mods
    • Fullbright
    • Lunar Client (No free-look)
    • Mini-map, waypoints, or anything that displays information already known in the F3 menu
    • Optifine
    • Performance/FPS increasers
  • Any exploits that arise from bugs with any plugins or vanilla Minecraft features such as duping can not be used and must be reported. Rewards will be given based on severity.

5. No automation of the player.

  • This includes botting (baritone), auto-clickers, and key weights (putting a weight on your key, or having your key pressed down for you in any way).
  • Farms that require you to AFK or do manual work are allowed.
    • Fishing Machines are NOT allowed. (Even if mouse manually held down)
  • Litematica (auto-placing and schematics)
    1. Litematica is a client side mod that assists with builds by allowing you to place schematics down, where you can fill in the schematics with your own materials. The use of Litematica's easy-place feature is allowed. Easy-place will physically place the blocks down for you where you only need the blocks in your inventory. Note:
      1. Any use of features that auto-swaps blocks to your hot-bar may result in Infinite Blocks disappearing so be mindful
      2. This feature is purely as a tool for players and builds. Do not use this for any exploit especially related to jobs or money making methods (aside from building things for people)
      3. Although it places things for you, you should still be active, and moving your character on your own.

6. No spamming/begging/advertising.

  • Advertising in-game related things every 30 minutes is allowed.
    • This rule applies to both the thing/place being advertised and per person.
    • Eg. 1 person can only advertise 1 thing every 30 minutes. 1 location such as a shop can only be advertised every 30 minutes.
  • Any links or outside advertisements are not allowed including advertising for any other servers.
    • This includes links to external streams even if they are related to BlossomCraft.
  • Spamming includes:
    • Excessive use of capitalization
      • Long sentences in all caps, or continuous use of capitalization.
      • A few messages especially short ones, are okay.
    • Identical messages or extremely similar messages.
    • Messages that include random letters. Eg. “wadawfsegerheiwoffjweoji”
  • Do not use obfuscated, underline, or hard to read colors such as dark shades of black for chat color. Bold and italics is allowed.

7. No Random PvP

  • PvP must be consented to. You can establish any rules you want with the other party, but it must be agreed upon and followed throughout the fight.
  • You automatically consent by entering any clearly marked PvP zones such as /warp PvP.
    • TPing or baiting players to a PvP area to fight them is not allowed.
  • Hitting someone else even once, allows them to hit or even kill you back, though it is recommended you just report them as fights may get confusing to judge.

8. English only in chat

  • Our staff team cannot moderate languages outside of English, which is why we ask this.
  • Non-english is allowed in private messages (/msg <username>).

9. Claims

  • If a user is inactive for 3+ weeks, you can request the claim be removed on the Discord server by opening a ticket.
  • Do not claim or build within 100 blocks of an existing claim without permission from the claim owner. Failure to do so may result in your build being moved.
    • It is still recommended to claim past just your build area to save a piece of land for future use.
  • Claims that break the 100 blocks claim rule must be reported in a timely manner. Not reporting someone's claim violation and allowing them to build for weeks may mean that their claim might not be removed.
  • Do not trespass on claims. If you repeatedly ignore the claim owner's wishes for you leave, you may be forcibly removed and punished.

10. No scamming/fraud/impersonation.

  • Scamming is the misrepresentation of goods such as renaming an item to look like something else, or by not honoring a trade.
  • Low-balling or high-balling are allowed. Ultimately it is up to you to know the value of an item. If you do not know the value of an item, it is recommend you do not trade at all.
  • Impersonating includes using "/nick" to pretend to be someone else.
  • You may loan items to other players, but ultimately it is your responsibility to keep track of where the item is, and to set clear rules on when/how people can borrow them.
    • Additionally, you should have proof of the transaction ready if you report them for breaking the deal.
  • No real world trading
    • This includes selling or buying in-game items/money for real world currency.
    • You can still gift people things in-game and buy things for people on the store on their behalf as a gift.
    • Trading in-game items/money for digital items such as resource packs, artwork, skins, and schematics is allowed (just be reasonable, and fair. You still take on the risk of being scammed).

11. Shop and Economy

  • Paying players to rate your shop is allowed, but paying others to rate other shops is NOT allowed.
    • Using alt accounts to rate other shops including your own is not allowed.
  • Advertising within or near other shops without permission is not allowed.
  • No useless/troll player warps, auction house listings, or chest shops.
  • The main end island can only be used for the purposes of traveling the end, or fighting the dragon. No making chest shops or using obsidian farms here.
  • Advertising PW's or other services on /ah is limited to 1 listing.
    • Even if you are advertising a different PW, you may only have 1 listing.
      • Though you are free to have a single renamed shulker containing a bunch of renamed items advertising a bunch of different stuff/aspects of your shop.
  • AH advertisements should be priced at 99 million or higher.
  • Modifying Blossom Items with the unmodifiable tag is not allowed. This includes renaming, upgrading, adding effects on to the items. This does not include items you are supposed to modify such as unbreakable tools.
    • If you have a modified item, you are free to contact support to get it replaced without issue.
  • You can report Player warps with extremely similar names to your existing warp.
    • Eg. "/pw Best_Logs" and "/pw Best_log" would not be allowed.
  • Eg. "/pw Shop" and "/pw Shopping" would be allowed since Shop is a common word.
  • In general, anything that allows you to make money that is not intended by the server is considered exploiting. This includes but is not limited to the below methods.
    • You can earn money from the Hunter job only from physically attacking the mob manually. Any use of farms that make use of thorns or other methods of AFK farming are not allowed.
    • Converting mobs created by Spawners to mobs that pay cash from jobs is not allowed.

12. Alt-accounts

  • Alts are allowed, but must be logged off above 45 online players.
  • You can own multiple accounts, but only two of your accounts are able to be online at the same time.
  • You are allowed to vote on alt-accounts and give your main account the rewards, though logging on a bunch of alts to give yourself the starting money is not allowed.
  • You are not allowed to use Alt job furnaces.
  • You are not allowed to accept/farm /quests on alt accounts.
  • Using accounts you do not own is not allowed, such as using accounts from EasyMC.

13. No Mini-modding

  • Includes regular players moderating other player's behaviors on staff's behalf. This is especially true if there is an active staff member dealing with the situation.
    • Eg. Telling someone to stop spamming chat, when a staff member is already talking to them about the situation.
  • If asked or allowed by the staff member, you can help.
  • Its okay to remind players of the rules if you think they are being broken, though in general just open a ticket or find a staff member.

14. Do not evade punishments in any way.

  • Joining with alternate accounts after you have previously been banned will result in an escalation of your ban length.
  • Do not use signs or books to avoid being muted in chat. You are still free to use off-server chatting methods like private Discord calls for talking to friends as long as they allow it.

15. VPN Usage

  • VPN’s are not allowed to be used. If you do use a VPN or Proxy and it works, it is at the risk of the player. Whenever a player logs in, their IP is recorded, thus using a VPN has the risk of associating your username with a banned player. To avoid any sort of issues, it is recommended you do not use a VPN.

16. Map Art

  • The use of schematics to build including map arts are allowed.
  • No reselling of map art created by someone else without their permission.
  • Map art like all builds must be claimed. Builds that are not claimed on purpose will be in violation of rule #2 (mass destruction of the map).
    • Builds that are no longer wanted can be removed for $10k-20k in a ticket. Make sure to specify coords, and world.

17. Player Auctions

  • Player auctions are where the a player (auctioneer) lists an item for an a base price (including $0). Other bidders (players) can then bid increasing amounts of money to be able to purchase the item for the bid price.
  • If a player wants to hold an auction, the player must announce this 5 minutes before.
  • An auction may not be held during an other events currently going on or scheduled.
  • Only one auction may be held at the same time.
  • Auctions may not last longer then 10 minutes.
  • Auctions may only be held 30 minutes apart from each other. (Example: Starts 13:00 finishes 13:10, next one may start at 13:40).
  • Punishable actions
    • Fake bidding
    • Spamming your bids
    • Backing out on bids
    • Canceling an auction (eg. If the top bid doesn't interest you)
    • Troll auctions. (eg. constantly auctioning 1 dirt block)
    • Overly delaying, or abusing auctioning to spam chat.

18. Lag Rules

  • Machines built must be useful and efficient as possible to not cause any unnecessary lag.
    • If possible, machines that run constantly and don’t produce anything useful should be turned off when not in use.
  • Chunk loaders are not allowed.
  • Players are automatically kicked after 30 minutes of inactive above 50 players.
    • Bypassing this rule in any way while being inactive is not allowed.
    • Automatically joining once kicked is also not allowed.
  • Machines or farms that make use water sources constantly being retracted and spawned are banned.
  • Limits per chunk
    • If you have something built before these limits and are over them, it wont destroy or modify your existing build, though you won't be able to add more or modify the build until you are below the limit.
    • Bypassing the lag restriction is not allowed, including asking other ranks to build for you. If you do share a claim with someone with higher limits, they must actually be actively using the claim.
    • Armor stands: 16
    • Mobs: 24
      • This includes most type of mobs
      • Mobs won't spawn after the limit
      • Eg. In a chunk you could have 12 chickens and 12 cows, OR you can have 24 cows
      • Villagers are NOT included in this, and are not limited.
      • Max entity cramming is set to 5
    • Transportation (Minecart/Boat/Furnace Minecart/etc): 6

Limits Table
Repeaters /

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All the available commands are listed on this page! If you need a list of basic commands, check out /help in-game. These commands are available for all players of any rank. Extra commands and perks may be unlocked by purchasing a rank at our shop.

General Commands

/sethome <name> ━ Sets your home at your current position.

/delhome <name> ━ Removes the specified home.

/home <name> ━ Teleports you to the specified home.

/homes ━ Lists the names of all your homes.

/ignore <player> ━ Ignore the specified player, hiding their chat messages from you. Running the command again, un-ignores them.

/rtp ━ Randomly teleports you in the world you are currently in.

/wild ━ Opens the random teleport GUI. Lets you explore all of the available worlds.

/tpa <player> ━ Send someone a teleport request for you to teleport to their location.

/tpahere <player> ━ Sends someone a teleport request for them to teleport to your location.

/tpa cancel ━ Cancels your outgoing teleport request.

/accept ━ Accepts any pending teleport requests.

/warps ━ Lists all the available server warps.

/warp <warp> ━ Teleports you to the specified server warp.

/realname <player> ━ View player's actual username if only their nickname is visible.

/antidrop ━ Toggles the drop protection. Disable at your own risk.

/msgtoggle ━ Toggles other players being able to send messages to you.

/tptoggle ━ Disables players from sending tpa and tpahere requests.

/mail send <player> <message> ━ Sends the player a message that they can read when they come back online. Works on both offline or online players.

/mail read ━ Reads all mail sent to you.

/bedrock━ Displays useful Bedrock player information

/pets ━ Opens your pet inventory.

/map hide/show ━ Shows or hides you from the server map.

Claiming Commands

/abandonclaim ━ Removes the current claim your are standing in.

/abandonallclaims ━ Removes ALL of your claims.

/subdivideclaim ━ Use while holding a golden shovel. Activates subdivide mode. Allows you to make claims within your claims. These claims can be given different permissions than the parent claim.

/extendclaim <amount> ━ Extends your claim to the direction you are currently facing by the amount specified.

/accesstrust <player/all> ━ Gives a player access to buttons, and levers in the claim.

/containertrust <player/all> ━ Gives a player access to containers in the claim.

/permissiontrust <player/all> ━ Gives a player access to trust other players. They may give /trust, /accesstrust, /containertrust.

/trust <player/all> ━ Gives a player the ability to build, break, and open/take from containers as well as interact with mobs.

/untrust <player/all> ━ Revoke all trust for that specific player in the claim you are standing in.

/trustlist ━ View the trust given to all players in the claim you are standing in.

/claimlist ━ View all your land claims and their locations.

/buyclaimblocks <amount> ━ Buy claim blocks with in-game money. Each block costs $1.

/sellclaimblocks <amount> ━ Sell claim blocks with in-game money. Each block gives $1.

Economy Commands

/bal ━ Displays your current balance.

/bal <player> ━ Displays the balance of the specified user.

/pay <player> <amount> ━ Pays money to the specified user.

/ah ━ Opens up the auction house.

/ah sell <price> ━ Sells the held for the specified price.

/jobs browse ━ Opens up the jobs GUI, where you can view/join/leave jobs. You can unlock more job slots by voting and ranking up.

/jobs join <job> ━ Joins the specified job.

/jobs leave <job> ━ Leaves the specified job. You lose 10% of your levels when you leave a job.

/jobs stats <player> ━ Displays the players current jobs levels.

/jobs top <job> ━ Displays leaderboard of players by level (does not work for bedrock).

/jobs clearownership — Clear all owned blocks for the Smither job. (Furnaces, smokers, blast furnaces and brewer stands).

/jobs log — Shows you a log of how much you earned on a certain job.

/jobs quests — Opens up side quests depending on the jobs a player is part of.

/trade <player> ━ Sends a trade request to the specified player.

/trade accept ━ Accepts the pending trade offer.

/trade deny ━ Denies the pending trade offer.

/maplock ━ Locks the currently held maps so they are unabled to be copied. Costs $50 per map. Mainly useful for map art.

Chest Shop Commands

You can also right-click an existing shop to open up a bunch of options instead of typing out the individual commands.

/shop help ━ Lists all the shop commands in-game.

/shop create <price> ━ Creates a chest shop of the item you are holding for the specified price. (You can also punch a chest and type the price in chat)

/shop <buy/sell> ━ Sets the chest shop to buying or selling mode.

/shop remove ━ Removes the shop you are looking at.

/shop staff <add/del/clear> <user> ━ Adds/removes the specified user to the shops staff list, or clears the staff list. This user can open the chest and interact with the items. Users have to be added individually for every chest shop.

/qs find <item> ━ Searches the nearest shop for the specified item. (small search radius, to be used in a specific store).

/qs item ━ Changes shop you are looking at to the item you are currentlying holding.

/qs price <amount> ━ Edits the price of the shop you are looking at.

Player Warp Commands

/pw ━ Opens up the player warps browser.

/pw <warp> ━ Travels to a warp.

/pw set <warp> ━ Creates a player warp at your location. Player warps cost $1k to set up, and $1k every real life week to maintain.

/pw desc set/remove <warp> <description> ━ Sets a description for your the specified warp.

/pw category <warp> <category> ━ Sets your warp's category.

/pw icon set/remove <warp> ━ Sets your held item as warp icon.

/pw reset <warp> ━ Sets your warp’s location to your current location.

/pw rename <warp> <name> ━ Renames your warp.

/pw ban set/remove/list <warp> <player> ━ Bans, unbans or lists banned players for the specified warp.

/pw setowner set/accept/cancel <warp> <player> ━ Transfers the PW specified to the specified player.

/pw rate <warp> <rating> ━ Rate other player warps. Available ratings are 1 to 5.

/pw remove <warp> ━ Completely removes the specified warp. All visits and statistics will be lost.

/pw favourite <warp> ━ Adds the PW to your favorite list.

/pw lock <warp> ━ Locks or unlocks own warp for public access.

Vote Commands

/vote ━ Opens the vote GUI. Voting for the server gives you rewards, vote points, and ranks!

/ranks ━ Displays the vote ranks, their perks, and required votes.

/voteshop ━ Exchange your vote points for rewards.

/crates ━ Teleports you to the crate hall.

/pinata ━ Teleports you to the vote party. (Will be announced in chat when it happens)

/votetotal ━ Displays your current votes statistics, updates quicker than the normal GUI.

/votepoints ━ Displays your current points, updates quicker than the normal GUI.

Party Commands

/party create ━ Create a new party.

/party invite ━ Invite a player to your party.

/party chat <on/off> ━ Toggle party chat.

/party leave ━ Leave your party.

/party sethome ━ Set party home.

/party home ━ Teleport to party home.

/party desc <desc/remove> ━ Set party description.

/party motd <motd/remove> ━ Set party motd.

Paid Rank Commands

/back ━ Teleports you to your last teleported/death location.

/fly ━ Toggles fly.

/nick <nickname> ━ Changes your display name to the specified nickname. Celestials may use RGB or normal color codes.

/chatcolor gui ━ Opens the chatcolor menu where you can modify your chat color.

/chatcolor available ━ Shows color codes and text formats that is also followed for sign or anvil colors.

/eglow ━ Opens the chatcolor menu where you can modify your player outline color.

/showitem ━ Displays the current held item for everyone in chat.

/ec ━ Opens your enderchest.

/backpack ━ Opens your backpack.

/wb ━ Opens a crafting table for you to use.

/anvil ━ Opens a anvil for you to use.

/loom ━ Opens a loom for you to use.

/smithtable ━ Opens a blacksmith table for you to use.

/stonecutter ━ Opens a stone cutter for you to use.

/trash ━ Opens a menu where you can put items you want destroyed. Items destroyed here are NOT retrievable, so make sure you only trash unwanted items.

/hat ━ Puts the held item on your head.

/ptime <time> ━ Sets your personal time.

/pweather <weather> ━ Sets your personal weather.

/feed ━ Restores all your hunger bars.

/heal ━ Restores all your hunger and health bars.

/rename <name> ━ Renames the held item to the specified name.

/fix ━ Repairs the held item.

/condense ━ Condenses items into a more compact blocks. Eg. Diamonds to diamond blocks.

/kittycannon ━ Shoots out an exploding cat.

/beecannon ━ Shoots out an exploding bee.

Claim Flags Commands

/setclaimflag <flag> ━ Set a claim flag

/listclaimflags ━ List active claim flags.

/unsetclaimflag <flag> ━ Remove a claim flag.

Public Claim Flags

  • ReadLecterns
  • NoEnterPlayer
  • RaidMemberOnly (Only trusted players will be able to initiate raids)

Immortal+ Flags

  • NoEnter
  • NoMobSpawns
  • AllowPVP
  • NoHunger
  • InfiniteArrows
  • NoLeafDecay
  • EnterMessage
  • NoFlight
  • NoElytra
  • KeepLevel
  • NoGrowth
  • NoVineGrowth

Celestial+ Flags

  • NoMonsterSpawns
  • HealthRegen
  • ExitMessage
  • NoGrowth
  • NoOpenDoors
  • ProtectNamedMobs
  • NoChorusFruit
  • NoFallDamage
  • NoIceForm
  • NoSnowForm
  • NoEnderPearl

Misc Commands

/lay ━ Lay down.

/sit ━ Sit down. You can also sit by right-clicking a half-slab or carpet.

/crawl ━ Start crawling.

/bellyflop ━ Flop on to your face.

/spin ━ Start spinning!

/pp toggle ━ Disables visibility of blossom item particles. /togglearmor - Disables visibility of armor.

/marry <name> ━ Sends a marriage request to another player. Costs $1k to marry someone. You can have multiple partners.

/marry divorce <name> ━ Divorces you from a player.

/marry gift <name> ━ Instantly gives the item you are holding to your partner.

/marry chat <message> ━ Sends a message to all your partners. 

/marry chattoggle ━ Toggles your regular chat to only appear in marry chat.

/marry sethome/delhome/home ━ Sets, deletes or teleports you to your shared marry home.

/marry seen <partner> ━ Tells you when your partner was last online.

/marry kiss ━ Kisses your partner.

/marry hug ━ Hugs your partner.

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One-time Bonuses
2,500 Claim Blocks
5,000 Claim Blocks
10,000 Claim Blocks
20,000 Claim Blocks
40,000 Claim Blocks
Lucky Vote Chance
Auction House Slots
Chest Shops
Player Warps
Silk Touch Spawners
Rank Prefix
Workbench (/wb)
/pet setname
Sign Colors
Anvil Colors
✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
(Set Time)
✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
(Set Weather)
/pet hat
/pet ride
Custom Chat Color
/chatcolor gui
Claim Flags
Edit Armor Stands
Keep-xp on death
Custom Prefix
Cooldown Bypass (Eg. Instant /tpa, /home, etc.)
Rainbow Glow
RGB /rename
RGB chatcolor /chatcolor #RRGGBB
5 Celestial Dragons

Custom Rank Information

  • Purchase this rank and use this site to generate your own custom prefix!
  • You may also use RGB to get a sick gradient name using this!
  • Then open a ticket on our discord for your prefix to be approved and applied.
  • Prefix changes cost $10k, first one is free.

Custom Rank Rules

  • May not include any offensive phrases.
  • May not imitate other players or existing ranks (including other custom ranks).
  • Between 1-15 characters allowed (not including color/formatting codes).
  • Underline and obfuscated not allowed (&k &n)




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Some answers to commonly asked questions!

My vote rank didn't update even though I have the correct amount of votes!

Voting offline is a bit weird when it comes to the auto-rank up. Just open a support ticket in #support channel to get your rank updated! To avoid needing a manual rank-up, you can vote while being online in the future to get automatically promoted.

Why aren't my votes working?

If you are on Bedrock make sure you type your name exactly as it appears in-game. This means you need include the BR_ prefix when voting as it is a part of your username. The voting sites also only allow one vote per IP address meaning two people in the same household can't both vote. To fix this one person will have to vote using a VPN.

My votes/vote-points don't work on other servers!

If your votes work on one server but not the others, or if your votes appear as "..."/"0" then to fix this you need to vote on each link while being online on the specific server that is not counting your votes. After voting online, your vote counter should start counting normally again, and you can open up a ticket #support to get the missing votepoints back. You won't be able to collect any missing lucky votes though.

Will the server map ever restart?

The Overworld/Nether/End will NEVER be reset. When any new update hits that impacts world generation or if the map gets overpopulated over time, the world border will expand to reflect these changes. The resource world may be wiped occasionally, though advanced notice will be given on the Discord.

How do I become staff?

Check out #announcements to see when positions are available. Things we always look for in staff members is activity, friendliness, and maturity. When you do end up applying, we will be looking at how well you showed these traits off.

What do pets look look like?

You can view all pets before you get them in this link: Pet Document. For bedrock players, pets will NOT appear correctly, and will only look like a bunch of Steve heads.

How do I get my own dedicated Blossom item in a crate?

Generally we dedicate items to players who are active in the community and help us create a really fun and positive environment. You can suggest your own item or for others in #suggestions though it's not required. There is a ton of players to go through so you might have to wait a few volumes to get in!

Why can't I see the main Channels?

You can check #roles channel and claim either the Cherry/Spirit/Lotus/Tulip role to get access to your communities channels, you can claim all the roles if you want!

Farmer/Woodcutter isn't paying me properly!

Currently its a known and common bug that breaking blocks in farmer wont always pay you as the block registration is a bit weird with growing crops and trees. I recommend you stick to natural trees or let the trees/crops sit there for a while before harvesting.

What is the difference between all the servers?

All servers have the same features. The only thing that transfers across servers is your rank. Some servers have difference prices for items, different people playing it, and some servers are older than others.

What are the redstone limits per chunk?

Here is a comprehensive/updated list of all the redstone limits.

Limits Table
Repeaters /

What colors codes can Shogun+ use?

On Blossomcraft, Shogun+ can use color codes, which allow them to anvil fancy colored names, create cool text in books, and color-ify signs. Here is a list of all the available colors codes.

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Akuma’s Citadel 

Blossom Dungeons 

Dungeons Content

Dungeons are PvE encounters that are meant to be very difficult challenges made for players with end game loot. Our first dungeon, called Akuma’s Citadel. The dungeon consists of a couple of multiple rooms filled with serval minions (high damage, high health), 3 mini-bosses, and one final boss.

Dungeon content is still very new, therefore changes to balancing and rewards may be made rapidly. Please check Discord patch notes for updates.

Additionally, the dungeon is incredibly difficult. Its recommend you only try if your money is plentiful, and your gear is good.


The once a prideful warrior Akuma was a beacon of hope and love was known to always help his people and putting them first. His companions, people he had traveled with for years suddenly met a tragic fate after being ambushed by bandits. Akuma's was frustrated with being too weak to defend his companions or avenge them. This he was consumed by rage and obsession to bring the bandits to justice. He had turned to the deity of malice to trade his soul for immense power. After killing the bandits who had wronged him and his companions, his rage and power continued to grow. He despised the world that allowed evil to persist, and good to go un-rewarded. Whether these thoughts are his own, or a side effect of the power he gained is unknown.

The Blossom Realm now under threat by an undead army lead by the demon king Akuma. Akuma’s army was created from the ensnared souls of fallen warriors who dare stand in his way. His warriors now forced to follow the every command of Akuma. Champions and warriors all around the realm came together to finally defeat Akuma and his army. Their mission is to infiltrate Akuma’s citadel and to defeat him before he has a chance to bring more destruction to the realm.

Cost of entry

  • $15,000 per player


  • 1x Akuma Citadel Key
    • This reward is given to only SURIVING players in the party. If you die but your party members completes the dungeon you do not get anything.
    • Can be opened at "/warp dungeons" for a chance to get exclusive dungeon rewards.

Party size

  • 1-4 players
    • All party members will pay the entry fee individually.


  • 2 hours  
    • This cooldown applies regardless if you lose or win the dungeon.

Warnings and Tips

  • Dungeons are extremely difficult. They should only be attempted if you have a combination of skill and strong gear.
  • Mythic+ amour is highly recommended. Even with this armor, many monsters will kill you in a few hits, and sometimes even 1 hit.
  • Bring many utility Blossom items including healing items.
  • Bring many consumables like enchanted golden apples.
  • Bring the full 4 members of your party.
  • Pre-apply potions, and bring extra to reapply.
  • A combination of melee and ranged weapons should be used.
  • Area of effect (AOE) weapons will help clear minions.
  • Hard hitting enemies can be kited by 1 member, while the rest heal or deal damage.
  • Communicate with party members on Voice Chat.
  • The dungeon starts immediately once teleported.
  • Every player has one life.


  1. Do not teleport to other players that are running the dungeon.
  2. Exploits and abuse of bugs are not allowed.
  3. Commands are disabled, and are not able to be used. “/dungeon leave” being the exception.
  4. External help is not allowed.
  5. Only one instance of the dungeon can be run at a time.
  6. When all party members die in the dungeon, all players must type /dungeon leave (the dungeon automatically ends in 45 minutes).
  7. You must be Guardian+ in rank to play. This limit is just to stop under geared and inexperienced players from entering.
  8. Bypassing the cooldown such as using alt accounts are not allowed.
  9. Keep in mind daily restarts. The server restarting will cancel all current runs with no refunds.
  10. Alternate accounts are not allowed. This includes clearing dungeon on alt accounts, and having alt accounts in your party.


  • /dparty invite (player)

    • Invites players to your dungeon party
    • Do not confuse this with the existing party system. dparty is specifically used for the dungeon.
    • Only 4 players can join the party (including the leader)
  • /dparty join
    • Joins a pending party invite
  • /dparty leave
    • Leave a party
    • If you leave before you party clears the dungeon, you will get no reward.
  • /dungeon play AkumasCitadel
    • Starts the dungeon which will then take $15,000 from each players balance.
  • /ready
    • To ready up when a dungeon is about to begin.
  • /dungeon leave
    • Leave the dungeon if you want to quit early.

Disabled Items
Items that don't function when used due to game breaking bugs or interactions.

  • Pinata Bat
  • Azakana
  • Pigifer Wand
  • Soul Catcher
  • Oni Sword
  • Valhalla's Call
  • Frostcaller's Charm
  • Fenrir

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Discontinued Blossom Items

As the new items are added, and the server continuously updates, not all Blossom Items are able to be patched. Although we try to fix items, sometimes its not possible. If you own one of the items listed below, you can exchange it for a crate key from the crate the item came from at /warp broken. If the item is not available at the warp, please open a support ticket on the Discord. If you choose to not replace your item, then you may be forced to exchange it, or you will not get any reimbursement if the item is lost/broken/destroyed.

Item List

  • Pinata Bat (BlossomCrate Season 1)
  • Pig-ifer Wand (BlossomCrate Season 1)
  • Event Horizon (BlossomCrate Season 3)
  • Prism of Light (BlossomCrate Season 4)
  • Ninja Zipline (BlossomCrate Season 9)
  • Titanwood Sapplings (Forest God)
    • Not to be confused with the item it generates the "Titanwood Sappling"